No-Cost Masterclass For Massage Therapists In Private Practice

The Simple Referral Partner Client Matrix I Use To Attract High-Value, Recurring Massage Clients.

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Important: For Established Massage Therapists Who Are Not Getting Enough Clients From Referrals, Posting On Social Media, Flyers & Mailers, Groupon (yuck) Or Networking.

In This Short Masterclass You'll Discover:

  • The one simple process that finds high-value massage clients who don't cancel at the last minute.
  • Exactly how I started hearing "I can’t believe how much my life has changed since working with you, you’re amazing” instead of "Do you have anything cheaper? That sounds expensive."
  • The secret process we use to hit $9000+ months without expensive and complicated paid ads that bring in low level leads who don't respect our time.
  • How we are using the Referral Partner Client Matrix to hand deliver us ideal clients. Which means, no more wasting time with cheap clients who just want to waste your time.  
  • The single biggest mistake massage therapists earning less than $10k+ per month are making which is causing them to attract “broke clients” & why everything they do to try and fix it is actually making it worse (p.s. this is NOT your fault at all).
  • Why your massage school didn't teach you a thing about how to actually get clients. (This has nothing to do with whether the school is good at teaching you to massage or not.) 

Rebecca de Azevedo

Inspired by my very empowering birth experiences, I created a successful prenatal massage practice almost overnight, which quickly grew into a multi-therapist clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to being sought out for prenatal and postpartum massage, I became a Birth Doula, and a Fertility Massage Specialist. My staff and I served over 10,000 women, offering massage, yoga, birth doula services, childbirth education, and more.